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We are a 6th generation cattle ranching family with the hope our 4 boys will carry on our ranching heritage and legacy. We offer beef directly to consumers right from our ranch to your table in individual cuts as well as whole, half and quarter beef. Our beef is born, raised, and finished here at Lyman Ranches. Our cattle are raised out in the wide-open spaces of the Tonto National Forest where they graze the majority of their life. We bring beef in off the range to finish, the last 60-90 days, where they are feed grass hay, alfalfa, and grains to achieve the tenderness and juiciness you have come to expect in our high quality beef you’re feeding your family.

We love the opportunity we have to not only raise high-quality home-grown clean beef, but to be able to raise our family in this ranching lifestyle. We are BQA (Beef Quality Assurance) Certified and know the importance of and we provide excellent care for our animals. Caring for the land, our environment and providing food, a basic necessity of life to those around us, is a great privilege.

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How to determine how much beef you want to purchase:

  • ​Beef average 1,300 pounds live weight
  • On average beef dress out at 55-60% of live weight
  • How much meat in the freezer a carcass will yield depends on each animal
  • In simple terms a whole beef at 1,300 pounds yields on average around 400-420 pounds of meat in the freezer (this ends up being about a 18-20 cubic foot freezer full of vacuum sealed beef packages (45% ground beef, 30% roasts, 10% Rib and Brisket, 10% Steaks, and 5% stew meat) Click here to view our standard cutting instructions
  • We require a $500 non-refundable deposit which is applied toward one’s whole purchase, prior to delivery/pickup of beef must be paid for in full

Not sure which cuts you’d like? Click to browse our catalog of beef cuts.

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